While Bon Scott may have fronted the Australian band AC/DC, the singer was actually born in Scotland and spent his early years in the town of Kirriermuir. The city has been working to find another way to pay homage to Scott. While there is an annual "Bonfest" event, this year saw the unveiling of a new statue in honor of the late vocalist.

The sculpture of Scott had been in the works for a few years as fans from 32 countries around the world raised £45,000 for John McKenna to create the statue as the centerpiece as the town's memorial garden, which is also dedicated to Scott. As can be seen in the video above taken from the unveiling ceremony, the Scott statue portrays him as a long-haired rocker in his sleeveless denim jacket and jeans with one arm raised while the other clutches bagpipes. A mosaic featuring the Scott words, "And the music was good and the music was loud, and the singer turned to the crowd and said ‘Let there be rock.’” surround the statue.

BonFest chairman John Crawford told The Courier, “It’s amazing how many people don’t know that Bon Scott came from Kirriemuir. People know about J.M. Barrie and Peter Pan, but they are both famous sons of the town and there is room for them both. This statue and memorial garden is going to be a lasting tribute to Bon, funded 100 percent by the fans. People will come from the four corners of the world to see it."

Former AC/DC bassist Mark Evans was among those in attendance for the ceremony. “It’s magical. Bon was a great pal and it’s just great to be in the place where he came from," said Evans. "The statue has captured his essence, right down to his tattoos."

The bassist continued, "Bon would have been turning 70 this year — I was just 19 when I joined the band — he was ten years older but you couldn’t help but like the guy. He was a hellraiser but there was another side to him and he never forgot his Scottish roots. He’d have been absolutely chuffed to have a statue in Kirriemuir."

Scott was actually born in the town of Fofar, but lived in Kirriemuir until the age of six, when his family moved to Australia.

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