Everyone is wondering when life is going to go back to normal and concerts will be able to happen again. Bones UK are one group who have found a way to still deliver live performances in safe and unique ways.

The band has partnered with Monster Energy for a tour experience series called "Earthwalkers," which will see them travel to various locations and perform concerts that people can attend while still adhering to social distancing guidelines and other safety precautions.

For example, in addition to virtual shows, they have a drive-in concert in Los Angeles and a performance planned where they will play at the bottom of a drained swimming pool outside of a hotel in Austin, Texas, which fans can view from their rooms' balconies.

Between new evidence arising each day and news regarding vaccines, it's not easy to plan these events in advance, so they are subject to change overtime. Perhaps, the situation around the world will get better sooner than later and they can switch these performances to take place at real venues, but the aforementioned examples are the two that they have set so far.

"Making sure our fans safety is top priority, but also creating experiences
they will never forget — experiences that we actually wouldn’t have come up with if it hadn’t been for the restrictions we have all been facing this year," the band said in a release.

Stay tuned for updates and more announcements regarding locations by following along with their website. You can also view a trailer for the experience, as well as a livestream performance they played last night (Dec. 16) to launch the event below.

Update: Bones UK recently played an empty football field for just one fan as part of their Monster Energy Outbreak / Earthwalkers Tour. Have a look below.

Bones UK
Bones UK

Bones UK "Earthwalkers" Experience

Bones UK Livestream

Bones UK Rock Socially Distanced Performance on a Football Field

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