Adam Bevell is a huge U2 fan. He's been to a dozen of the Irish band's concerts, and danced with his wife to U2 favorite 'All I Want Is You' during their wedding.

The 32-year old father of four is also blind. At the U2 concert in Nashville, Tennessee he attended last Saturday he held up a sign advertising his services as a "blind guitar player."

For the band's first encore of the evening, Bono took him up on his offer.

“It took me a second," Bevell said of being lifted on stage by the security guards. "I had no idea what was going on because in my mind they had left and walked off. I had no idea Bono was still there . . . Before I knew it, I could hear Bono’s voice saying, ‘What do you want to play, man?’

He wanted to play "All I Want Is You," of course, for his wife. Bono was more than happy to oblige. When the the song was over, and Bevall tried to return to Bono the green Gretsch Irish Falcon guitar he had given him to play, Bono insisted he keep it, before helping him off the stage.

The magical rendition is captured in the video below.

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