Wednesday night marked the first major sporting event in Boston since Monday's bombings of the Boston Marathon. Prior to the Boston Bruins' game against the Buffalo Sabres at TD Bank Garden, the Bruins observed a moment of silence for the victims and survivors of the bombings. The public address announcer then directed fans to singer Rene Rancourt for the national anthem. Rancourt didn't even get through the first verse before lowering the microphone as the entire Boston crowd sang along at nearly full volume. You can hear the fans in the video above.

The Bruins also aired a special slideshow montage of photos from the marathon attack rescue efforts set to Philip Phillps' "Home" on the video board during the game. Sports —and the unifying nature they often have on a community — can help a city heal more quickly. Wednesday's show of patriotism in Boston was perhaps the start of that process for the town and its people victimized by Monday's attack.

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