What would you do if your computer was stolen three times – call the cops, hunt the guy yourself, or buy him a new laptop so he stops stealing yours? The answer might surprise you.


Frank Harrington is a Boston based graphic designer who had his computer stolen three times from his apartment. But what the thieves didn’t know is that Harrington had installed a security software allowing Harrington to monitor his computer activities when on.

For four days Harrington watched all the activities going on his stolen computer and the thief had no idea he was caught – but here is thing the ‘thief’ was a teenager who lived in the Projects with his family and the boy had no idea the computer was stolen. His family had saved up some money to buy the boy a Mac Book Pro second hand as a present since he was the first one to head off to college.

When Harrington met the teenager, the graphic designer knew had to do something about it. So he decided to raise money and get the boy a new computer. Harrington started a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, a popular fundraising website, and within days he raised more than $900 to buy the teenager a new computer.

Wow – stories such as this one make me smile! Instead of getting pissed off and go off on the boy and his family, like a good Samaritan, Harrington decided to do something good.

What would you have done if you were in Harrington’s shoes?

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