Welcome to one of my favorite days of the year.

I’m down for a cold beer any time, any place, but there’s nothing like cracking a cold one on a warm, sunny day. So, it makes perfect sense that National Beer Day falls on April 7.

However, the real reason April 7 was chosen is because that’s the date in 1933 when ‘The Cullen Harrison Act’ went into effect, legalizing the sale of low-alcohol beer and wine.

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I’m pretty easy when it comes to beer in that there aren’t too many beers I don’t like, but I usually go for something light and refreshing.

Rather than head out for Happy Hour after work, I typically enjoy a few brews at home with the wife, especially during the pandemic. But for those who like to knock ‘em back at the bar, there’s no shortage of watering holes here in Wichita Falls. Head here for a list of the 10 best bars in town, according to Yelp.

If you’re an adventurous drinker and like to sample different local beers, Texoma is home to several breweries. You can hit up Wichita Falls Brewing Company downtown or make the drive to Nocona for Nocona Beer & Brewery.

You can also make the trip North of the Red River to Oklahoma where you’ll find War Pony Brewing Company in Lawton, Kochendorfer Brewing in Marlow and Canadian River Brewing Company in Chickasha.

Whatever the case may be, here’s to a safe and Happy National Beer Day. And of course, if you do choose to imbibe today, please do so responsibly.

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