Three years ago, Breaking Benjamin made their long-awaited return and fans let the band know that their absence was felt, scooping up Dark Before Dawn in droves and sending it straight to the top of the charts in its debut week. Fortunately, there won't be another six-year wait as the group has set April 13 as the release date for their sixth record, Ember, which features the new single "Feed the Wolf."

A door-kicking, downtuned rhythm opens the song, which goes on to entertain a push and pull energy, muting punchy riffs as frontman Ben Burnley escalates his soothing croon to a gritty roar. The light / heavy dynamic highlights the warring sounds of Breaking Benjamin, which the singer further explained when discussing the new album.

“People have always really liked the heavier side of the band. I think that's what they sort of gravitate towards. But we also make sure to explore our melodic and softer side too.” said Ben Burnley. “We just tried to make [Ember] more extreme — the softer side on this album is really soft and the heavy side is really heavy. We decided to give everybody what they want to the furthest degree.”

Check out the artwork, which features a closeup of a human eye with a blazing sunburst pupil, and the track listing below. Pre-orders will come with instant gratification downloads of both "Red Cold River" and "Feed the Wolf." Fans can score their physical copy here or digitally through iTunes.

Meanwhile, you can catch Burnley on TwitchTV tonight (Jan. 26) as he celebrates the Ember pre-order announcement and will raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research.

Breaking Benjamin, Ember Artwork + Track Listing


01. "Lyra"
02. "Feed the Wolf"
03. "Red Cold River"
04. "Tourniquet"
05. "Psycho"
06. "The Dark of You"
07. "Down"
08. "Torn in Two"
09. "Blood"
10. "Save Yourself"
11. "Close Your Eyes"
12. "Vega"

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