Mastodon's Brent Hinds and High on Fire's Matt Pike (also of Sleep) are collaborating, as evidenced in a snapshot the former shared to social media Sunday (Feb. 23).

In the image, the two rockers appear seated on a front stoop with guitars in hand. Pike sports a tiny, ukulele-sized acoustic while Hinds boasts a jumbo instrument by comparison. The photo emerged on Hinds' Instagram over the weekend, and the accompanying caption should certainly bring excitement for listeners.

"Me and Pike are cook-in up something special for all you guys!" Hinds explained alongside the image. "Stay tuned for more photos, videos [and] tunes." (See the pic down toward the bottom of this post.)

Are the pair composing some heaters with their acoustic guitars? If so, it appears those songs could be more subdued than each musician's respective outfit. After all, High on Fire are known for their full-throttle stoner rock. Similarly, Mastodon made a name for themselves firing off heavy, sludgy metal with a progressive bent.

High on Fire released their latest studio album, Electric Messiah, in 2018. The album's title track went on to win Best Metal Performance at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Mastodon's most recent full-length effort, Emperor of Sand, emerged in 2017. That album's opening track earned the Best Metal Performance Grammy at the 60th ceremony.

Last last year, Pike shared some of his favorite guitar riffs with Loudwire during an episode of Gear Factor. A couple of months prior, Hinds described how he felt he was being milked dry by the music industry.

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