While Bret Michaels may seem like one of the hardest working men in rock juggling his solo career, Poison and a bevy of reality shows, there’s a method to his madness. Michaels recently stopped by the set of  Sharon Osbourne’s TV show ‘The Talk’ to participate in their ‘Redo U’ series, offering up advice and self-help to anyone seeking it.

Michaels advice consisted of a few key elements but the biggest point he impressed upon was ‘Make Family a Priority.’ Having seen a shift in his own priorities after a near death experience, Michaels told ‘The Talk’ that his family comes first, saying, “My family and my daughters are absolutely a priority. When you have a near death experience like that, it just absolutely prioritizes stuff.” He also made a point to stress the importance of quality time, explaining, “It’s about the quality of time. I take my kids out, we live on a ranch, we go out, we ride, we have a great time together, that quality time is what makes a natural bond.”

Michaels other tips encouraged people to be ‘drealists.’ Don’t go searching for your dictionary though, ‘drealist’ is a made up word Michaels created to combine the idea of being a realist and a dreamer at the same time. Michaels broke it down saying, “If you can’t do it right, do it anyway.” Michaels encouraged people not to let anything get in the way of being creative. His final words were something we can all learn from, “Decide your kind of success,” meaning find what you love to do and try to succeed in that.

Michaels continues to decide his own kind of success with a new solo album in the works. ‘Get Your Rock On’ is due out this year and will feature bonus tracks of a duet with Loretta Lynn and a live track with Jimmy Buffett.

Watch Bret Michaels on ‘The Talk’

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