Good news for old school Bullet for My Valentine fans, as frontman Matt Tuck promises a “pretty brutal” and “technical” new album coming from the band.

Bullet for My Valentine’s most recent album, Gravity, was poorly received by critics upon its release in 2018, due to a stylistic shift closer to nu-metal and radio rock. However, in a new interview with Rock Sound, Matt Tuck describes Bullet’s next album as more of a return to form.

"It's pretty brutal, to be honest. It couldn't be more of a contrast with Gravity in a ferocious style,” Tuck explains. “It's very technical. I don't know why. You've just gotta go with what you wanna go with — as a band, as a musician, as a songwriter, you've just gotta go with what's floating your boat, and this time around, the heavy stuff is just coming out in masses. The riffs are crushing. There's probably 60 percent aggressive vocals, 40 [percent] clean, which is a ratio we've never really dabbled with before. It's very heavy, it's very technical. For the Bullet fans out there that kind of like that side of this band, it's very cool and very exciting. It feels good."

Tuck also speaks about BFMV’s lucky decision to take a break from touring in 2020. “[It] was the best decision the band could have made. 'Cause we don't have any of the touring headaches that a lot of bands have that obviously had festivals booked this year and touring schedules, and it's just stopped all of that. So we're lucky in the sense that we don't any of that going on, but it's still kind of spoiling the flow factor that we had six weeks ago when things were on fire again and we kind of have to put the brakes on for a bit. But it's okay — we'll be fine. We weren't scheduled to start making the record till September at the earliest anyway. So we'll just see this out and do some writing in the meantime." [via Blabbermouth]

Back in 2019, Tuck originally described Bullet’s seventh album as a mix of Venom and Gravity, but the “dirty love child” of the two records now seems to be favoring the band’s 2015 offering.

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