As we are just coming off of the newly announced Simpsons Lego set, the building block toy company has just stated that now the Ghostbusters will receive the Lego treatment.

It began as a fan project by Brent Waller and was submitted to 2013's LEGO's Cuusoo project. At the project LEGO fans were allowed to vote on these projects and if it got 10,000 likes then the company would examine the project to see if it was worth making a limited commercial product.

The Ghostbusters got the seal of approval and are now getting ready to hit shelves.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the classic franchise, LEGO will release the Ecto-1 mobile and the four original Ghostbusters as mini-figurines.

The promotional art shows the Firehouse as well, but LEGO has stated that the building will not be included in the set.

The Ghostbusters 30th anniversary set is slated for a June release for $50.