A Facebook page titled Be Reet has created an event titled "Nirvana Reunion With Chad Kroeger From Nickelback on Vocals," and it's starting to go viral. The only context around the listing is a caption that reads, "The campaign begins here," and a date, time and location for the proposed event: Tuesday, January 1 2019 at Nirvana Hair in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Nickelback Nirvana Troll 1

As of this article's posting, over 1,000 people have selected Facebook's "Going" option and over 2,800 others marked themselves as "Maybe." Although some people seem genuinely intrigued by the proposition, it can be assumed that this is simply a genius act of trolling. Nickelback, although immensely successful, are despised by many due to their songwriting approaches, image and narrative, among other things.

Nickelback Nirvana Troll 2

The reactions of people in the comments range from potentially sincere support to absolute rage at the just the thought of Kroeger fronting Nirvana. Thus far it has received coverage from Rolling Stone France, NME and Alternative Press, among others.

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