If you didn't know by now, I'm a fan of the OSU Cowboys. I've sat through rough seasons where finishing 6-6 was a win in our collective books, and I've seen the heartbreak of Iowa State cost us a perfect season twice now. No matter what the buzz is, you can never be sure how the season is going to go in Stillwater.

Here we are headed into a weekend that could send Oklahoma State into the college football playoffs for the first time, and while Cowboy fans rally around their team, nobody knows what will happen after the next four quarters of play.

Sure, OSU managed to beat back at Baylor once this season, but the advantage belongs entirely to the Bears going into the Big12 championship game. They know what the Pokes are going to throw at them, and they've had a few weeks now to prep for it. As the previous contest was closer than was comfortable, I'd be nervous if I were Mike Gundy.

Coach Gundy may be the most loved coach in college football these days, primarily because he protects his players from the evil media, he's just about the funniest person to see at a press conference after a big win. Honestly, how long did he go on about his love of pom-pom's in the stands after ending the Sooners season?

While fans love Gundy for his personality and devotion to the team, we all feel differently when it comes to his emotions on the field. For years, his increasingly-excited play-calling tended to come up short in the moments that counted.

If there's a way to lose a game you're winning, Mike Gundy will find it.

While this trend has seemingly curbed the last few seasons since he handed off his offensive duties to an assistant, ultimately he still has the final say in giving the directions that come down from on high.

I don't know who will be victorious this weekend, but I sure hope two things... the OSU Cowboys need this win, and Georgia needs to send Alabama back to the unimportant status of playing in something like the Idaho Potato Bowl.

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