It seems so long ago that Joe Exotic was welcomed into our living rooms. It feels like a year ago even though it was only March. Think hard on this one... Remember when he started a copycat company to mess with his rival Carol Baskin from Big Cat Rescue? It was his traveling show "Exotics Big Cat Rescue Experience." Complete with similar logos and everything. It was a short segment in the saga played out on Netflix, but it had lasting effects. Carol Baskin sued Joe over the trademark infringement and late yesterday, years later, due to the judgement in that case she has been awarded ownership of the GW Zoo in Wynnewood.

I know, you may be thinking that it doesn't belong to Joe anymore, and that's the gray area... The courts have decided, since the conclusive evidence and confession was aired on Netflix, Joe Exotic illegally transferred ownership of his zoological park to his mother so that it wouldn't be taken from him nearly a decade ago. Joe's mom even admitted this in a later confession, which is why the judge is awarding the property to Carole Baskin to settle the judgement of her trademark infringement case... Still following?

It's pretty greasy stuff, but that's just how everything works with big cat people according to the Tiger King expose. Nobody in that entire documentary is innocent of crimes against nature, and in the case of the Doc Antle dude, humanity.

No word on what will come of this. Odds are these animals will end up "re-homed" to other zoos for a small processing fee. Maybe a few choice animals are set to be relocated to the city where murder goes unsolved (Tampa... Not Chicago in this rare instance) Or perhaps Carol will set up right where the GW Zoo is and "hire in" as many volunteers to work for their color coded shirts.

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