It's pretty routine now to see a coffee shop pop up on every corner, but it's not often you see one that also has cats. Cat cafes have become increasingly popular around the world, and it looks like Oklahoma will soon have its first cat cafe.

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If you're not familiar with a cat cafe, like me, you're probably wondering, "What the heck is a 'cat cafe?'" Apparently, it's a themed cafe that's main attraction is, well, cats. So if you're a coffee and cat lover, then a cat cafe is your nirvana.


Oklahoma City will soon welcome the state's first cat cafe!

Oklahomans will soon be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and the entertainment from felines. Opening this spring, don't stress meowt - Cat Cafe will not only serve as a typical cafe with coffee and treats, but also as a foster program for 15-25 rescue cats through the Oklahoma Humane Society and Safe Haven Animal Rescue, according to an article from the Oklahoma Gazette, and the cats can be adopted at the cafe through their respective programs.

Oklahoma's first cat cafe is set to open this May!

One thing that may be on your mind is the cleanliness of a cat cafe. According to the article from the Oklahoma Gazette, the owners have done extensive research on cat cafes in America and Asia and have come up with a simple and clean system for Oklahoma's first cafe. The article states that there will be separate room housing the cats, and cats will not be allowed in the main cafe area; for those wishing to interact with the cats, admittance to the cat lounge is $15, which is to cover the cats' expenses, like food and litter. So there's no need to worry about a fur ball in your latte!

And, according to the cat cafe's Instagram, it looks like they'll also have a no outside pets policy.

Earlier this month, don't stress meowt - Cat Cafe posted on its Instagram that they have an official grand opening date of May 13! More information about Oklahoma's first cat cafe is available in the post below.

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