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Experience the Most Scenic Drive in all of Oklahoma!
The family and I have been doing little min-vacations and stay-cations throughout the Summer months running around Oklahoma and seeing all the sites. Instead of just doing one big vacation we decided to split it up into several smaller vacations and stay right here in Oklahoma.
Ethanol in Gasoline Should be Outlawed!
I must have uttered the words F'ing ethanol a hundred times over the Memorial Day weekend. I ended up having to remove, inspect, clean and repair 2 carburetors due to it's gummy and corrosive nature. Ethanol should just go away and be outlawed as an additive to any gasoline. It's terr…
Crawds N’ Rods 2021 in Elgin, OK. is Officially Underway!
It opened yesterday (05-06-21) and will be going on until this Saturday, May 8th (05-08-21) in Elgin, OK. It's back, bigger, better and badder that ever before, Crawds N' Rods 2021! Last year they had to cancel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but 2021 is happening right now and it's lo…
The Trykes N’ Tread Car Show is This Weekend!
Coming to the Great Plains Coliseum this weekend Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April 11th (04-10-21 - 04-11-21) Mountain Metro Ambucs and Sweet Temptationz Car Club present the 2021 Trykes N' Tread car show. It's a great time and for a good cause. Proceeds will go to purchase AmTrykes, …

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