Harry Potter Dog is Man’s Best Friend! [VIDEO]
This dog does an amazing Harry Potter impression that's unbelievable! It must have taken years of disciplined training and hard work for this K-9 to mimic in absolute perfection the beloved wizard of Hogwarts. It's spellbinding in it's simplicity and sure beauty... MAGNIFICENT!
Russian Ladies Square Off in Butt Slapping Contest!
We've all seen the slap contests online. A bunch of guys taking turns slapping the face of the other until someone quits or passes out. It's fairly entertaining and I'm always game to watch other people beat the hell out of each other, slapping or otherwise. However our friends in Rus…
Guy Teases Seagulls With French Fries!
You have to see this hilarious video of a guy teasing seagulls with french fries. He keeps throwing french fries in his car up on the dash near the windshield and the birds keep trying to eat them through the glass.
Douchebag Style Through The Ages
You can't always immediately spot a douchebag, however more often than not douchebags share several key characteristics. Knowing what to look for is essential to avoiding any social interaction with this subhuman waste of flesh.
Drunk Guy Tries to Buy Beer and Cigarettes Without I.D. NSFW
We've all been there, or at least some of us have! This poor drunk guy stumbles into a convenience store to buy some beer and cigarettes but can't seem to find his I.D. Of course the clerk behind the counter explains and explains again that he can't sell him cigs without I.D. and won&…
How to Mispronounce Words
I don't know about you, but I make regular use of "How to Pronounce" videos on Youtube and Google. It's a fast and convenient way to see a word phonetically spelled out and spoken out loud that makes it clear and easy.

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