5 Must Watch Horror Films For Halloween
Hard to believe in a few short weeks it'll be Halloween! Fall is officially here and the temperatures are getting cooler, soon we'll be celebrating "All Hallows' Eve." For me Halloween ranks right up there with Christmas. The decorations, candy, costumes, parties and of cour…
Elvira's "Don't Cancel Halloween" Music Video!
The Queen of Halloween, the Mistress of the Dark herself, the one the only Elvira is back with an all new music video for "Don't Cancel Halloween." I'm a HUGE FAN of Elvira and always will be. I grew up watching Elvira's Movie Macabre every Saturday night and will spend a la…
The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Candy Trading
This has to be the ultimate guide to Halloween candy trading. If you've been stuck with bad trades in year's past, or unsure of current values and proper trade etiquette you're in luck! Just hit play on this short video and you'll be up to speed and prepared for this year's …
The WAP Metal Cover by Leo Moracchioli NSFW
It's the WAP cover we've been waiting for, the one to rule them all! It's the one we've all been waiting for, but thought impossible. Well good news Leo Moracchioli has heard our cries and has answered the call. Yes we finally have a metal cover of WAP and it's all you'…
News Bloopers for September 2020
It's another hilarious batch of news bloopers from September 2020 courtesy of YouTube channel News Be Funny. I always look forward to seeing these especially the big, mega montages like this one. It's a great collection from this past month's screw ups and on camera blunders.
Honest Trailers Parodies Every Streaming Service
It's another epic and hilariously demented Honest Trailer from YouTube channel Screen Junkies. This time around they poke fun at all the streaming services, it's beyond laughable, accurate and will have you wondering, "Why do I subscribe to this and how do I cancel it?"
The South Park Pandemic Special is Coming!
The happy, humble medium sized metropolis of South Park will be facing a pandemic of truly epic and hilarious proportions. The all new South Park "Pandemic Special" will air Wednesday, September 30th 2020 (09-30-20) at 7:00pm CST on Comedy Central.
Guy Plays Harry Potter Theme on His Washing Machine and Dryer
It's not every day you hear the Harry Potter theme played on a washing machine and dryer.This guy is getting the most out of his stuck at home, self quarantined time during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have no idea just how long it must have taken to pull this off, but I'm sure it was hours an…
Man Leaves Funny Recording to Play at His Funeral
An Irish man left a hilarious recording to be played at his funeral service. His family went from tears to laughter as the message continued to play. WARNING: There's some strong or vulgar language involved, but all in good fun. I don't know who this gentleman was, but in life I bet he was…

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