Vaccine Passports Could Become a Reality Sometime Soon
The main topic for the past several weeks has been the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandates. Seems more and more cities, counties and states are doing way with their mandatory regulations and rules concerning public health, as it relates to the pandemic. Of course this has caused a l…
A California Winery is Hiring a Taster and Will Pay $120,000!
For some this may be the perfect job, possibly an answer to a prayer. It's no joke, hoax or stunt. The Murphy Goode Winery in Sonoma County, California wants to move you to California, pay you $10,000 a month, set you up in a free place to live and give you 30 cases of wine to drink.
It’s Reopened- Time to Take a Trip Up Mount Scott!
Yesterday Kelso and I decided to take a quick lunch break and head to the mountains. It's been forever since I've driven through the refuge, not to mention up Mount Scott. All the road repairs have been completed and Mt. Scott is officially reopened. We made a quick stop, grabbed some lun…
TSA Mandatory Mask Directive Starts Tomorrow
Starting tomorrow (01-02-21) at 12:00am the new TSA (Transportation Security Administration) will require all persons using public transportation to wear a face mask. This will include: aircraft, bus, train, boat as well as any other type of public transportation. You'll have to wear a mask bot…

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