When it comes to electronic music, both Blue Stahli and Celldweller have tended to lean more on the heavy side in their work. Now we have a track that brings the two acts together. Back in 2011, Blue Stahli released his self-titled debut album, featuring the song "ULTRAnumb." Now, he's engaged Celldweller to put his stamp on the track with a new remix for the album's deluxe edition vinyl re-release and you can hear that remix exclusively premiering here at Loudwire.

As you might expect, Celldweller takes what was already a heavy rock song and amps up the energy even higher. As stated, the song is part of a re-release package and will be offered as a digital only bonus track. Take a listen to the remix below.

In addition to "ULTRAnumb," Blue Stahli's debut yielded the singles "Anti-You," 'Scrape," "Takedown" and "Corner." The new deluxe edition features a pair of all new bonus tracks, and rare versions of songs including acoustic and remixed versions.

Blue Stahli's Bret Autrey recalls, "The time in which that album was written was one of quite a bit of upheaval, and kind of a catalyst in being able to make something I had always dreamed of. Exorcising demons, confronting new ones, it’s all there in the record."

The deluxe album is available for pre-order now and comes out digitally on Nov. 27. Head here to get yours, and to keep up with Blue Stahli's activities, follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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