A redesigned Powerball game is debuting in Texas this October.

The updated Powerball features higher jackpots and lower-level prizes including a jump to $50,000 from $10,000 for the game’s third level prize, according to the Texas Lottery.

The number of balls in the pool of number has also changed. The first set of five numbers are now picked from a pool of 69 numbers from the previous 59. The red Powerball pool has been decreased from 35 balls to 26.

Executive Director of the Texas Lottery Gary Grief said this change will increase the odds of coming away a winner.

"With Powerball's success comes demand for innovation to keep the game fresh. The playing population of Powerball has almost doubled in recent years and these changes reflect a right-sizing of the game for the current population that is playing the game," Grief said.

Sales for the new Powerball begin Sunday, October 4. The first drawing will be Wednesday, October 7. Ticket prices remain unchanged.


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