The destruction of instruments has long been a way for musicians to end their shows on a chaotic high note, exorcising that last big of energy from a stellar show. Typically it's the guitar that ends up on the meeting end of a beatdown, but in the case of Chickenfoot's latest video for "Divine Termination," Chad Smith's drums take one heck of a beatdown.

The band's new video for "Divine Termination" is a performance-based piece, with the majority of the clip centered on the top notch delivery of the song, but interspersed throughout are shots of how it all ends, with Smith sort of self-destructing his kit.

The drummer starts tossing his bass drums skyward, letting them bounce off the stage to the delight of his fellow bandmates. Eventually, one of the drums is being met head on with the chair Smith used during the show, and by the time is all said and done a fan in the crowd ends up with the beaten drum as a memento from the show.

"Divine Termination" is the band's first new song in five years and appears on their forthcoming disc, Best + Live. The album is due March 10 and features a mix of their bigger songs from their first two releases as well as live performances of tracks as well.

While the supergroup did release two albums, it is not known if or when there will be more new material. With Smith tied up with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony working together on projects and guitarist Joe Satriani having his own career, scheduling has been the biggest issue for the band.

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