Some bands choose to use their platforms to spread certain political and social messages, whereas others prefer to just make feel-good rock 'n' roll. Chris Jericho declared that Fozzy will never be the former, and explained why in an interview with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez.

"You have the wrong band if you're looking for those subject matters in our music. We do not ever, nor have we ever, been a political band," Jericho stated. "Fozzy's never been that type of platform... I mentioned Rush earlier, Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC — if I ever heard AC/DC talking about COVID, I would fucking be so sad. You don't really want that in your rock 'n' roll."

Despite Jericho's resistance to covering political subjects in Fozzy songs, he did say that the "tone of the last few years" made its way into their upcoming new album Boombox — especially in songs such as "Sane" and "I Still Burn." However, most of the lyrics deal with believing in oneself, betrayal and apocalyptic situations.

The frontman recalled an interview that Fozzy once did with Kerrang!, where the publication lumped them in with Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry and The Struts as a new generation of "feel-good" rock bands.

"If you're talking about rock 'n' roll with more of a fun vibe to it, and I mentioned those other bands that Fozzy is in with, then that is by design because that's what we want to do," he elaborated.

"There's a lot of issues in the world prior to COVID, during COVID, after COVID... I think when people come to a rock 'n' roll show, you don't really want that kind of pushed in your face. At least you don't want that at a Fozzy gig. I think what we do is provide a little bit of a diversion and an outlet to blow off some steam if those things or other things are bothering you in your life. I think that's a huge responsibility and I take it very seriously."

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