A handful of times over the years, the Lawton city council has tried to change to a once weekly trash pickup. As you can imagine, it has never been a popular move. Upon a storm of public outcry, like most things the council kind of tosses out there, it usually gets reversed and things go back to normal... but this time it's different.

Some are saying that politics are being played here, taking advantage of our current situation to push this unpopular change through. The city is blaming Covid-19 for the loss of revenue, which leads us to this being a solution. They're also pandering for sympathy, sharing their current outstanding water bill totals, it's a little over $313k from 4200-ish accounts... but that's kind of what happens when people aren't working due to a worldwide pandemic.

So what are your options since the city council might actually go through with this? Well, you can purchase an additional trash can for $5/month. Wouldn't be that big of a deal if our water bill didn't keep going up. I think they've raised it $10 in the last decade. That $5 per month doesn't seem like much, but it almost equates to a 13th water bill during the calendar year.

If the city is really that hard up for money, why don't they start making the hard cuts? Not to the staff and those who keep our city running... They should start with property. Sell off a few assets, cancel plans to purchase new properties, or perhaps suspend construction of the ongoing projects. That could free up money right? Granted, that leads to the argument that contractors would then be out of work for the time being. Nobody wants that, especially if the city actually signed local companies to do the work for once.

I guess you could just pile your garbage on the lawn. Let it stink up the neighborhood for a week until enough pressure mounted to make the city council remember who they work for. Either way, it has been a very unpopular move by the city council, and time will tell if they actually move forward with it. Time to speak with your grown up voice and be heard.

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