Code Orange have just issued a new documentary titled My World, but in the midst of promoting that artistic piece, singer-drummer Jami Morgan spoke with Revolver and revealed that the band has started work on their follow-up to 2017's Forever album.

“We’re always working on stuff. I would say yes, we’re about done and we don’t necessarily like to look at it that way completely, but there are opportunities that have been coming up so we’ll see. I think we’re ready to move on, and we have a lot in store for next year," says Morgan of the band's work on their next release.

He adds, "We also don’t do records to have people pat us on the back and go, 'They did a good job.' We don’t want a little expansion, we don’t want to grow five percent. We always try to grow 50 percent, but it’s always a dice roll and I think we’ll be very happy with it. We’ll see what people think."

Morgan also spoke about the industrial influence in the band's music. "There's a lot of that on the last record, but we did push it a bit further. I don't in any way want it to be industrial — I mean, we love industrial music, don't get me wrong — but we're trying to figure out a way to use electronics, modern technology, etc., into the kind of music that we make in a hopefully somewhat fresh way that doesn't feel like recanting whatever industrial-metal acts of old," says Morgan. "I think we're getting a lot better at that. Along the way we discover new techniques and, Will in the video, he's one of our best friends and we got to discover a lot of cool new stuff with him."

The musician continues, "We by no means are trying to move in any one direction. We're just expanding each of the little elements that you hear on Forever or on more recent stuff. We're going to take those things farther and farther, and that's what we'll keep doing until it's stretched so far that it breaks."

Check out the band's experimental My World documentary below and stay tuned for more news on their next album.

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