If you've ever been to a college football game, you already know that the student section is usually pretty rowdy. More so now at OU and OSU respectively as they now sell beer in the stadiums, but Wisconsin has traditionally had the student section that the networks tend to spotlight. Just look at the video above to see how they normally "do" football season.

As everyone is waiting to return from commercial to start the fourth quarter, the hero sound guy hits play on 'Jump Around,' and the stands light up like crazy. I can't even being an engineer and watching this madness happen on any elevated platform, let alone the stands of an old stadium.

That was something we'd see every single year in the highlight package on TV... but then 2020 happened. The #14 ranked Wisconsin Badgers haven't even played a game yet, and ultimately, they won't have many fans in their stadium.

We see other teams around that are actually playing, and their fans usually start out real socially distanced at the kickoff, but as the action picks up, those fans seem to move closer and closer together, usually right down to the front row to see all the action. The Texas/Oklahoma game was a perfect point of evidence. By the time Texas ultimately gave up a game they rightfully should have won, fans on both sides were right above the sidelines by the fifth overtime.

I can't even imagine how hard it is to get pumped up without a roaring crowd. Even as the visitor, a roaring crowd can be invigorating in the sense of spite. Like you're gonna "shut them up" or something.

Lets hope the vaccine proves to work and the rona can become a thing of the past.

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