When it comes to upcoming movies being previewed at this year's Comic-Con, 'Penguins of Madagascar' feels like it may fly under the radar with the great geek masses. After all, there's no way a cute little spin-off from the 'Madagascar' series could steal the spotlight from the likes of Marvel or Warner Bros. However, if this new clip is any indication, this film is already going to have the children of the great geek masses in the bag, and that's all that matters, really.

The fourth film in the ever-expanding 'Madagascar' franchise, 'Penguins of Madagascar' finds the title birds teaming up with a secret animal-run spy organization called North Wind to stop an evil octopus scientist from taking over the world. Although Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private are their usual selves, they're joined by some new upper-tier talent this time around, namely Benedict Cumberbatch as the wolf leader of North Wind and John Malkovich as that evil octopus.

This new clip from the film gives Cumberbatch and Malkovich a chance to have a little showdown, with both of them exchanging threats with their own unique cadences. Of course, the big joke is that Malkovich's mad scientist doesn't really understand the video tech he's using to communicate with the good guys (it's like watching your grandparents attempt to use Skype). It's cute and it's fine and everyone is obviously having a good time, but it's nothing spectacular.

But kids? They're going to eat this up.

'Penguins of Madagascar' will open on November 26, 2014.


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