As you can tell, there aren't as many people running around all the time right now. I made the drive back from vacation over the weekend, and I've never made it through OKC as quickly as I did last Sunday evening. 24 minutes from Edmond to Newcastle... That's unheard of. While traffic was much less than normal, it wasn't as baron as the media would have you believe. It's all about that perception.

Perception is reality. That's a cornerstone phrase of any media. You might know it better as 'creating a narrative.' The media wants you to believe something, so they're going to tell you, repeatedly what they want you to believe.

As you can see, it's all about retaining those ratings. Ratings equals advertising dollars. It's the only business you can legally lie your way into making more money. Infotainment is what they used to call it, but as the media controls how you think now, they have convinced everyone that anybody that calls it "infotainment" is a tin-foil-hat wearing crazy. Just remember that before you hop into one of their spells.

They are the reason people are hoarding food, water, and toiletries. Not because there was a shortage of that stuff... It's because they reported it.

You want to world to calm down a peg or two? Stop watching the news.

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