Converge are doing something different for their next studio album. As the metalcore pioneers revealed on Tuesday (Sept. 28), their 10th effort, Bloodmoon: I, will be a full-length collaboration between the band and doomy folk singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe.

Wolfe's songwriting partner and bandmate, Ben Chisholm, plus Cave In singer-guitarist Stephen Brodsky, also contribute to the collection. That beefs Converge up to a seven-piece outfit for the unprecedented entry from the Massachusetts-based group comprised of lead vocalist Jacob Bannon, guitarist-producer Kurt Ballou, bassist Nate Newton and drummer Ben Koller. The reinforced musical crew first collaborated under the name Blood Moon for a live performance at the 2016 Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands.

Down toward the bottom of this post, watch the Emily Birds-directed music video for the song "Blood Moon" and check out the album artwork and tracklisting for Bloodmoon: I, which arrives in full on Nov. 19.

"We wanted to do something grander than the typical four-piece Converge music," Bannon explains in a press release. "Our dynamics are pushing and pulling in all different directions on this record, and I find that to be creatively rewarding."

Wolfe says the project "stretched my vocals in new ways. It's so different than what I normally sing over that I was able to open up and be vulnerable with my vocals." Brodsky adds, "I feel like everyone just kept the music in mind and wanted to do what's best for the song[s]."

Pre-order and pre-save Bloodmoon: I by clicking here. The vinyl edition is scheduled to arrive in June 2022.

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Converge feat. Chelsea Wolfe, "Blood Moon"

Bloodmoon: I Album Art + Tracklist

Epitaph Records
Epitaph Records

1. "Blood Moon"
2. "Viscera of Men"
3. "Coil"
4. "Flower Moon"
5. "Tongues Playing Dead"
6. "Lord of Liars"
7. "Failure Forever"
8. "Scorpion's Sting"
9. "Daimon"
10. "Crimson Stone"
11. "Blood Dawn"

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