Corey Taylor has weighed in on his thoughts on some of the best metal albums in history, sharing an affinity for one particular "perfect" Metallica album, but what does the Slipknot frontman think about Nirvana's Nevermind, the album that started a musical revolution back in 1991, forever altering the musical landscape?

Taylor tells Heavy Consequence (as viewed below) that he definitely was a fan. “I had heard some dubbed copies of some of the Sub Pop 7" that they had released, so I was aware of Nirvana before they set off their nuclear bomb,” said the singer. “[Nevermind] wasn’t as sludgy as Bleach was, but the songs were so refined at that point. And the production — Butch [Vig] did an incredible job on that album. It changed the way people thought about songwriting.”

Of his own experience, Taylor recalled, “The first time I got [the album], I must have worn it out for six months. I literally sat down and learned how to play every song on the guitar. I learned how to sing every song on that damn album.”

And true to his word, Taylor revealed some of the deeper cuts as some of his favorites, singling out "Drain You" and "Lounge Act." He also added of the somber album closer "Something in the Way," “It’s one of those dark tunes you can put on and you’re just like, “Wow, where was [Kurt Cobain] when he was writing this?'”

In summation, Taylor calls Nevermind "one of the best hard-punk-fusion-pop albums of all time.”

Corey Taylor Reflects on Nirvana's Nevermind With Heavy Consequence

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