Slipknot and Stour Sour frontman Corey Taylor's 2019 wedding night with his wife, Alicia, experienced a memorable delay after automotive trouble afflicted the classic sports car they rented for photos.

Alicia Taylor, née Dove, the lead dancer behind the rock 'n' roll cabaret troupe the Cherry Bombs, recently remembered the story in an entertaining Twitter thread. She revealed the details for Valentine's Day 2021 in a romantic toast to the time she and the Slipknot vocalist tied the knot.

Read the entire tale down toward the bottom of this post.

The difficulty started on that fall evening in Nevada's Valley of Fire, 50 miles outside of Las Vegas, when Corey and Alicia were the last ones left following the photoshoot. Corey was to drive the '60s Shelby Cobra back to the rental place, Alicia following behind in her vehicle. But when the Cobra broke down on the side of the road, the couple's wedding night plans had to be rearranged.

"Before I could pop my head out of the window to ask if he was okay," Alicia recounted, "I saw him grasp and attempt to shake the steering wheel, as he screamed, 'FUCKKKKK!!! YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT! AHHHH!!!' into the deep dark abyss of the desert. No cars in sight. No lights. … We couldn't leave this 1965 or 68 or whatever Cobra in the middle of the road, so he popped that sucker in neutral, and we — he in his gorgeous suit and myself in the one thing I splurged on for this wedding, a designer dress  — pushed the car off the road and to the side."

From there, as the pair pushed back their dinner reservation for the evening, Corey made it to a service station down the road, only for a couple of gallons of gas failing to remedy the situation. In the process, Corey got drenched in fuel, and Alicia ripped and stained her wedding dress.

"A couple more echoey loud expletives are sent into the universe," Alicia continued, "and I jump out to assist. He smells like someone on a pit crew. He gets the other cans in the tank, tries to start the car — dead. Nothing. Battery? Starter? What could it be? We sit in my car to take a breather. It's the first time we have stopped and REALLY looked at one another since this clusterfuck began. And we laugh. Hysterically. Tears are streaming down my face from laughing so hard, and in that very moment, I knew he was my perfect match."

Eventually, Corey and Alicia entirely nixed their reservation at fancy eatery Nobu and instead opted for a late dinner at a restaurant in their hotel. Of course, that led to quite a sight for one server who saw the couple in "gasoline and dirt-covered fancy wedding get-ups, our hair disheveled, I had a burn on my leg from the exhaust," Alicia said. "He probably smelled us before he saw us."

She added that the moral of the story is to "find someone that you can laugh with, especially when shit hits the fan. It can be a partner, a friend, a coworker, anyone. Find that person and cherish them."

Talk about a wedding night to remember.

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