Talk of whether or not Hole will reunite has been buzzing since 2012 when Courtney Love joined Eric Erlandson, Melissa Auf Der Maur and Patty Schemel for a one-off performance at Schemel's documentary party. But it looks like the idea of a reunion once and for all has been nixed by Love, despite previous comments that she would like to work with the band again.

During a feature on Vogue for her new video series collaboration with Big Moon musician Juliette Jackson, Love updated her current status where Hole was concerned.

When asked about a potential reunion, the singer stated, "No, absolutely not. And you guys have gotta get over it. Our old manager Peter Mensch calls once a year to ask about a reunion: 'Hey, just doing my thing I do every year with you and Jimmy Page [of Led Zeppelin].' And I’m so honored to be in that company, but it’s just not gonna happen."

That said, the last decade has bridged the gap between Love and her bandmates who last recorded together on 1998's Celebrity Skin album.

"We’re all really good friends and Melissa and I are especially close—we talk every day," said Love. "But Eric is kinda off-the-grid right now—I think he’s in Japan literally becoming a monk. I’m not even kidding. Melissa, Patty, and I think he’s become a monk or something on that level of aestheticism."

That said, music is very much at the forefront for the singer at the moment having just debuted a cover of Wilco's "California Stars" (as seen and heard below) from her Bruises of Roses video series project with Jackson.

However, when asked if Bruises of Roses was reflective of her current musical direction as she works toward a new album, Love responded, "Yes and no. I don’t make records a lot so who knows when I’ll finish this next one. I have all these new songs but I need four more to make an album, so I’m working on those."

She continued, "I haven’t made a record in ten years so every single song has to count, you know? But they’re all–and I’m just gonna say it–outrageously good. I’m finally able to reflect on what I want to make and who I wanna be to record stuff that’s up to my actual level. And I haven’t been up to my own level in a long time. I had to get into recovery for all sorts of stuff, but I finally feel like myself again. I’m fully here, fully embodied and in the moment, talking to you. And that wasn’t the case for many, many years. I’m having fun existing without having to use substances and learning to love music again. So I would say that’s the tone of the new music–but, you know, make it fashion."

Bruises of Roses, "California Stars"

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