Believe it or not, Courtney Love's 'Hole' was the biggest alt/rock band in North America for one epic single in 1998. Their only US hit 'Celebrity Skin' stayed on charts for a few weeks, fueled by radio and a cool sexy video, it went to #1 pretty quick. Fast forward twenty years, and this is the Courtney Love we see today. Her performance is isolated through the sound board, and it's hilariously bad. Almost to the point you hope she's intentionally burning the show for some cool alternative protest-ish reason... but it's not. She just can't do it anymore, provided, you look at some of those performances in her prime, she could barely hang with it then.

That's not to say Courtney Love isn't a talented person. She is. She's an accomplished actress with a list of memorable bit parts. She's way into creating stuff. She just can't pull off 'rocking' anymore. We all get there eventually, but most would hope to hit that wall privately. If you're a friend to someone that just can't anymore, be a bro and let them know. Or, alternatively, get up there with them and shred that performance to the ground for fun.

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