We've done without sports for so long, it was nice to see it back on TV this weekend, but it seems it'll probably end again very soon. Tonight was supposed to be the opening night of baseball in Miami as the Marlins were set to play the Baltimore Orioles in a very short series, but the Marlins organization is experiencing their own wave of coronavirus at the moment. All total, fourteen players and coaches have been diagnosed with the virus in the last few days. Keeping in mind, these guys are tested constantly under the pandemic rules for baseball. They fear it will keep spreading through the team in the coming days.

What really sucks about this is, it was probably one player on the roster that brought the virus into the clubhouse. And given how much of Florida is open because the virus is just a hoax, you can't even hold someone responsible for it. It could have been a quick trip to the store, gassing up the six-figure automobile, not wearing proper protection gear while getting their regular steroid injection... Literally anything.

On the same hand, everyone could have followed best practices and still brought this virus into the clubhouse... but someone always has to be of blame. It's as American as apple pie. It seems some people have forgotten that even the best social distancing measures only help prevent the spread of a global pandemic. There are no guarantees, there are no 100% proven methods, and odds are, every human on the planet will get it at some point over the next couple of years. Until then, we'll hope the MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL will find a bubble to play in over the next couple of months.


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