Rock band Crobot have announced a pair of new additions to their lineup, after the departure of brothers Paul and Jake Figueroa earlier this year. New to the lineup are drummer Dan Ryan, who is sponsored by Ddrum, as well as James Lascau on bass, who also plays in Wilson.

Of the group's newest musicians, the founding members of the band, Brandon Yeagley and Chris Bishop said in a statement, "All is definitely well in the Crobot home nebula as we welcome the insanely talented and hard hitting Dan Ryan on drums and the power and monstrous bass playing of James 'Uncle Jimmy Muscles' Lascu to hold down the heavy bottom."

They continue, "We are 50 songs into the writing process and we are excited about how productive we have been over the last few months. To say these guys are making us a better band would be an incredible understatement. Stay tuned for new riffin' & groovin' as we are planning for a 2018 release! Keep your beards tuned to that same ol Crobot transmission!"

The band promises 2018 will be a killer year with a new album on the way. Just this year, Yeagley penned a new graphic novel Legend of the Spaceborne Killer influenced by their song of the same name, and the group joined this year's edition of ShipRocked.

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