It's been seven years since Danzig last delivered a new studio album, tiding fans over with the long-promised Skeletons covers album last year. With Black Laden Crown on the horizon, the first song off the new record, "Devil on Hwy 9," has emerged!

The song opens with familiar, rhythmically-minded riffing and those cherished pinch harmonics that are the cornerstones of the Danzig sound. A searing solo sends "Devil on Hwy 9" on its way and when the energy finally subsides, giving way to a rock-steady verse, the icon's snarling croon comes in, painting visuals of a long night traveling on a never-ending highway.

"This is a cool song. I wanted to do a driving song, just crazy driving, pedal to the metal song. And this is it," Danzig initially commented when speaking with Full Metal Jackie. When asked if the road was Highway Nine in New Jersey, the singer said, "It’s a highway on the East Coast. Yeah. It’s a pretty long highway."

Black Laden Crown is set for release on May 26 through Evilive Records and Nuclear Blast. Pre-orders can be placed here with CD and vinyl options available and digital purchases can be made through iTunes or Amazon.

Danzig's Blackest of the Black festival is set to take place at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, Calif., on May 26 and 27. MinistrySuicidal Tendencies, Atreyu, Corrosion of Conformity, Vamps, Marduk, Suicide Silence, Venom Inc., and a lot more are all set to perform over the weekend with other attractions including a Castle Danzig, a bondage stage, a sacrifice altar and still more. For additional info, head here.

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