The innovator of thrash drumming has been beating drum kits into submission for 40 years. Having sat atop the drum throne for Slayer, Fantomas, Dead Cross and many others, Lombardo is always in the conversation for the best drummer on earth.

Lombardo’s drumming the most consistent aspect of Slayer’s legendary career. Beyond iconic parts like his double-kick drum fill in “Angel of Death,” Lombardo has brought percussive malevolence to “Silent Scream,” “Ghosts of War,” “Hate Worldwide” and many others.

In 1999, Testament released arguably the heaviest thrash album of all time with The Gathering. The album's unbridled brutality was driven by Lombardo, who crushed his kit for this Testament album and this one only. Lombardo never performed live with Testament, but there is footage online of the drummer rehearsing “Fall of Sipledome” with his fellow thrash legends.

Few partnerships have been more fruitful than the one between Lombardo and Mike Patton. In Fantomas and Dead Cross, the duo have created pummeling and experimental music over the course of decades, refusing to pander to fans of their respective bands. You’ll see live footage from both bands in this compilation, along with a cut called “Freaked Out.”

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