Megadeth have a storied history with some very distinguished alums. Dave Mustaine has remained the one constant throughout the group's history and he's worked with a lot of great players. Though he offered this tweet back in April, it has started to make the rounds on metal sites today, as the singer/guitarist offered a ranking of his favorite Megadeth axemen.

As many fans know, Mustaine is one of the more accessible and forthcoming musicians on social media, frequently hopping online and answering questions and addressing commentary from fans. Back in late April, one of Mustaine's followers commented, "Kiko was an addition to Megadeth. The best thing since Marty. Can't wait to hear some new material next year."

In his own Tweet, which just started making the rounds, Mustaine responded offering his ranking of favorite guitarists in order. At the top of the list is the band's current guitarist Kiko Loureiro, with Mustaine agreeing with the assessment on Marty Friedman, listing him second on the list. Friedman was around for the classic Megadeth discs Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction, Youthanasia, Hidden Treasures, Cryptic Writings and Risk.

From there, it's an interesting list with United Abominations guitarist Glen Drover placing third, early era Megadeth guitar slinger Chris Poland ranked fourth and The World Needs a Hero guitarist Al Pitrelli slotted in fifth.

Mustaine chose Mike Albert sixth, though the guitarist was only a touring member who never appeared on an album, with Chris Broderick seventh and So Far, So Good ... So What guitarist Jeff Young placing eighth. See his tweet below.

What do you think Megadeth fans? Keep in mind that Mustaine's rankings likely factor in more than just the playing. Who is your favorite Megadeth guitarist? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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