If you’re not familiar with the act of flesh hook suspension, allow Dave Navarro to educate you on this most extreme of body modification techniques. A new video (thanks to our friends at Loudwire for the tip) shows the Jane’s Addiction guitarist being suspended in the air by hooks inside his skin.

Those who have the stomach for it can check out the video below as Navarro’s back is pierced and four large hooks are looped through his skin. As the blood dries, he is connected to a rigging system by ropes, lifted into the air and swung back and forth.

Navarro tweeted a link to suspension.org, which provided a bit more detail about his first flesh hook suspension. The article reveals that Navarro had been interested in the activity for a long time and finally went ahead with it to push himself beyond basic piercings and tattoos. The site reports, “He said that he was left feeling awakened, centered, and with an overall optimistic and open outlook on the things going on in his life; he fell in love with it.”

Navarro is currently on the road with Jane’s Addiction on the Theatre of the Escapists Tour, which continues across the U.S. into late October.

Watch Dave Navarro Get Suspended by Flesh Hooks

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