Saturday: Day two (05-26-12) of Rocklahoma 2012 will go into the record book as one of the most kick ass rockin' parties of all time, even for Rocklahoma standards! Just when you think there isn't any possible way AEG Live and festival organizers could ever out due themselves from previous years or shows, they sucker punch you!

I don't know how they do it from year to year it just keeps getting bigger and better! From the artists themselves to all the raging parties that literally encompass the entire fairgrounds, camping site and all available space even remotely close to Rocklahoma. It's an experience you'll never forget that's for sure!

Day two of Rocklahoma kicked off on the Hard Rock stage at 4:00pm with Anti-Mortem from Chickasha, OK. playing to a somewhat hometown crowd here in Pryor and they kicked ass! We'll get 'em in the studio for Z94's 'Local Licks @ Six' for an interview and '3fer Madness' sometime soon. New Medicine took to the stage next with Trivium to follow. Another stand out performance from the Hard Rock stage Trivium ran through a blistering set and wrapped it up with a cover of Metallica's 'Creeping Death'. We also saw The Darkness and Volbeat who brought their unusual mixture of metal, rock-a-billy and classic country. It was my first time seeing them and as good as they are on disk, they're even better live! Otherwise closed out the stage at 12:00pm putting a solid end on a great day of killer live rock.

On the Main stage Saturday for day two of Rocklahoma a full line-up that included Pop Evil that got it all started at 4:35pm followed by 10 years and Theory Of A Deadman. Later in the evening Dave Mustaine and company Megadeth took to the stage! It was great to see them again in action, they played a full set that included most, if not all the favorites everyone wanted to hear. The evening's headliner Rob Zombie destroyed the stage, the crowd and anything or anybody who happened to be within range! This was his last stop on the current tour and he ended it in pure Zombie party fashion. The stage was filled with tons of production that included pyrotechnics, lights, special effects, roaming monsters and robots, hot women, a giant display that continually showed the concert as well as film clips from several horror films. Of course Mr. Zombie himself provided the backdrop and soundtrack to all this insanity and madness!


We'll be posting concert photos from Sunday: day three of Rocklahoma 2012 later today so check back for more updates. The festival is over but we've got a ton of pictures and interviews to share with you. Our coverage of this year's event will continue for the next several days, there's that much stuff...More to come!

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