Since the turn of the century, the term for pasting a persons face over another to blend in naturally has been referred to as "Photoshopped." It's the name of the original software, but has taken on the role of a verb in the process. No matter what software you use, it's called "photoshopping," but that doesn't translate well into video.

The software originally used to do this in video is made by the same company, Adobe. They've made an industry out of creativity, built on the ideas of everyone else. Kind of like the Apple of creative digital arts... They may have not come up with it, but they're the titans of that space.

To create a "Deep Fake," a person used to require a piece of Adobe software called After Effects. It's a brilliant little piece of tech, incredibly dense to master, but those that put in the hundreds of hours (or got started in version one) really can do anything with it. I'm also convinced that as the technology to mimic voice (it's already a thing they've almost perfected) the only thing the future will do is sign contract agreements to use the likeness of a person, no longer needing them to physically act. It's crazy to think where we're headed this day in age.

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