Being on lock-down for such a long period of time is trying for anyone.  But, what about those of us who are very social?  Did the Pandemic change our lives for the better?

In a new survey that's out, the report is that 1 in 10 Americans gave up alcohol because of COVID.  Not because of the virus itself, but because their opportunities for social gatherings were greatly reduced due to quarantines, bars and casinos closing for a time and working from home.

Cocktail party

I can speak from personal experience that even though I worked throughout the entire pandemic, I was a to and from kind of a girl.  Just to work and back home again.  It was way late into the pandemic that we even went out to eat for the first time.  Mostly, we picked up meals and took them home.

My favorite gathering places were forced to close for weeks.  My ability to see friends and family were greatly reduced as well.  Add to that the fact that I'm truly what you would call a social drinker at best, a tea tottler at worst, and, I can honestly say that the pandemic did neither encourage or discourage my drinking habits.  If I think about it, I could say that I had even more reasons to drink than pre-pandemic.  Extra work load, segregation from friends and family, staying home for long periods of time.

Other highlights from survey:

  • 1 in 4 say the drink less as they no longer attend after work drinks
  • 1 in 3 say they drank less as they could no longer meet up with friends
  • 28% say they will drink more again once all the restrictions are lifted
  • Half say they gave up drinking for their health

Do you agree?  Did you get off the sauce because of the pandemic?  Take our quick survey to be heard!

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