The mystery behind the new Guns N' Roses lineup has been revealed for almost a month. Now, DJ Ashba, who left the band in 2015 to dedicate more time to Sixx: A.M., has clued fans in on the possibility we could have been looking at a different lineup than the one hitting the stages today.

"Absolutely. In fact, Axl [Rose] wanted me to be a part of it," Ashba told Metal Insider when asked if he knew the partial reunion was going to happen. "I couldn’t be more happy for it happening. I was stoked to find out about it. People have got to remember, if I wasn’t a fan of the band, I wouldn’t have joined the band. I have great admiration for Axl, Slash and Duff [McKagan] and, Steven [Adler], Izzy [Stradlin] and everybody's put into that thing," the guitarist continued.

Slash and McKagan have both returned to the band, while original guitarist Stradlin has confirmed he will remain on the outside. Rumors are still kicking surrounding the possibility of Adler taking a role in the new lineup, even if it were in a diminished capacity.

Reflecting on his six years spent in Guns N' Roses, Ashba gushed, "I have even more respect now after playing in the band for so many years. I couldn’t be more happy, I’m just a biggest fan as I’ve always been. I’m so happy for the fans that they get to go out there and see at least half of the band reunited, its a big deal. This is what the fans have been wanting, me included in that." Speaking as a fan, he went on to note he didn't feel comfortable in the new lineup, stating, "I just didn't feel like it was my place. If Slash has come back, I couldn't be more happy, this is great. At that point, it's best I go do what I’m really good at doing. Its kind of the best of both worlds, I get to have my favorite band back and I get to go play in my favorite band again. Its a win win."

When Ashba announced his departure from Guns N' Roses in July of 2015, he detailed his desire to write new music and stated, in part, "I have reached a point in my life where I feel its time to dedicate myself to my band Sixx: A.M., my adoring wife and family, and to the many new adventures that the future holds for me. I have always been driven by my passion for creating music and Sixx: A.M. has always been a place where I can express myself honestly and share that passion with my two brothers and bandmates, Nikki Sixx and James Michael."

Sixx: A.M. just released Prayers for the Damned, Vol. 1 on April 29 through Eleven Seven Music and a review of the album can be found here. The band's headlining tour begins today (April 30) and a list of dates can be found at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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