Until they invent sunglasses that make you – or your next blind date – more attractive, Brewsees may be the best innovation in eyewear we’re likely to see.

Brewsees are sunglasses whose temple arm ends can be used to open beer bottles. Like a Swiss Army Knife that allows you to drink, catch rays and ogle women without fear of one of those pesky restraining orders, Brewsees have stylish polycarbonate frames with polarized polycarbonate lenses, which are 100% UV protected. They retail for $39.99 a pair.

Wait! There’s more: each pair of sunglasses also comes with a custom-printed neoprene beer bottle coozie with a zip closure and rubber tread bottom.

The concept comes from the mind of entrepreneur Rob Ianelli, 25, of Fishkill, New York. He got the idea for Brewsees during a drunken spring break back in 2006. His brand’s philosophy:

“It’s about the guys using the sunglasses on their honeymoon, on the golf course prying beers and living the brew life. It’s about the good times, the moments where everyone is laughing and having a ball.”

Even if buying some Brewsees doesn’t guarantee a life full of beer, golf and laughter, we do know that if you get a pair, you’ll never put out an eye because your hand slipped while using a screwdriver to open up the latest doppel bock. Baby steps.

[Via Brewsees]