I'm an excellent driver!  Just ask me!  It's not just a line from a Tom Cruise/Dustin Hoffman movie, in Oklahoma anyway, 74 percent of drivers consider themselves as Honest drivers.

In the survey, drivers were asked if they would confess to damaging someone's car.  The top dogs in honesty come from, Utah and Arkansas where 91% of those polled say they would leave a note with contact info when damaging a car in a parking lot.

Oklahoma ranks pretty far up the list as well at 74%.  Now, I know that door dings are a part of driving and parking, but sometimes, they are just a little more than just a ding.  I have had someone open their door into my car and it left a white scrape at least an inch thick.  You guessed it,  the other driver must have been in the 26% of Oklahoman's who would not fess up to the damage.

I have touched a car or two in my parking experience, but I have to say that I check out the other car pretty thoroughly before I leave it to make sure that any marks are minor, or don't show at all.  I'd hate for someone to feel about me the way I feel about the "mark leaver" on my car.

What about the fake note leavers?  Two percent of those polled say that they leave 'fake' notes on the other car, especially if there are witnesses.  What do you leave?  A smiley face, a poem, business card for a dent repair shop?  Shame on you!  If Oklahoma can be 74% honest in our driving and parking, that makes me want to be an even better driver!

So, how would you rate yourself?  Take this super quick poll and let us know if you fit into the 74 percent of Oklahoman's!

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