My mother would be so disappointed in me.  For the first time that I can remember, I put a whole load of undies in my dresser drawer without folding them.  I have a million excuses.  I was tired. There were way too many of them.  It was late.  None of those excuses would have worked if my Mom was still around, and I still lived at home.  You fold everything.

Mom Rules. I'll bet you have a list of your own.  The ones that you grew up with, the ones that you passed along to your own children.  The ones that you ignore.  Yup, folding panties is my first sign of rebellion.  And, I've got to admit, I'm still a bit panicked by opening that drawer and seeing the disarray.  (Don't be surprised if I fold them over the weekend!)

The thing is, we are all products of how we grew up.  In my house, there were 7 people. And my Momma didn't work until I was in high school, so she ran a pretty tight ship, and the kids helped with the chores.  But more than chores, her rules gave us a foundation for our own families. I wonder if she ever felt like she was failing as a Mom?  I do feel like that sometimes when I 'know I taught my kids better than that'!  I know that we all make our own way in life, and having those great Mom Rules made me who I am today.  Hopefully, the best Mom/Nana ever!  At least that's what I tell my grandkids!


  • Voyagerix

    Fold Your Clothes (including undies)

    Laundry in a family of 7 was, as you can imagine, a lot of work!  Especially, (eww) boy clothes.  We all learned at an early age to fold and put away our clothes.  I do admit that I still use the dryer as a de-wrinkler getting ready for work in the morning.  I know some of my kids don't really fold clothes either.  To me, they just fit in drawers better and make it easier to find the just right tee to wear.  So, you can see my undie issue, right?

  • Vicheslav

    Clean Sheet Saturday

    Is there anything better than clean crisp sheets?  I think not!  When growing up, we changed sheets every Saturday morning.  I guess Saturdays are universal chore day!  But, we had great-smelling sheets all the time.  I have to admit, I'm a bit laxer on this one.  I try every two weeks, but there are months that it's a week longer.  And, then when the clean sheet day comes, I kick myself for not doing it sooner.  I blame a king-size bed.  I have to have help!  It's a lot of sheets! There is a debate in out office on how long is too long to go with dirty sheets...

  • RossHelen

    Meal Planning to Save Money

    I love this one!  Do I do it every week?  Nope!  But I do love when I know what we are having for dinner every day.  Makes grocery shopping so efficient too.  My mom could stretch a dollar til it squealed.  Did anyone else have Spaghetti Night every week?  We did.  And Chef Boyardee Pizza from a box on Friday nights.  Yep, we lived large.  I'm a bit more extravagant than that, but I'm generally only cooking for 2.

  • Brand X Pictures
    Brand X Pictures

    Clean Hair Brushes

    Again, every Saturday, we collected all of the hair brushes in our house, cleaned the hair out of them, then put them in the bathroom sink, soaked them, then scrubbed them clean.  Three girls, long hair, all in school, fear of lice.  I get it. This is NEVER done at my house!

  • djedzura

    Brush Your Teeth - Twice

    This is a must.  I brush my teeth twice a day, almost every day.  That's why I've only had just a few cavities in a tad over 60 years.  Ask Doctor Drummond.  it's important. When my kids were home, I was on them all the time to brush their teeth.  Now, I ask my grandkids every time I see them if they brushed.  Not only do you protect your teeth, but face it, no one likes dragon breath!

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