My husband David tells me my face is in my phone all the time. He complains that all I do is read whatever is on my phone. Well, first of all I get EVERYTHING on my phone;

work emails, personal emails, text messages, Facebook messages, breaking news from ABC, alerts from my bank that my balance is getting low, and I could go on and on.

According to a recent Nielsen study, Americans spend an average of 270 hours per month staring at screens. When it comes to digital detox, the first step is awareness. That’s where a new app called Moment comes in. The app automatically tracks how much you use your phone each day. Moment also lets you set daily limits and nudges that will notify you when you near or surpass your self-allotted number of minutes. App creator Kevin Holesh used to spend 75 minutes per day on his iPhone. He’s now down to 40 minutes per day.

So I decided to download the app to my phone so I could see where I was spending most of my time. Unfortunatley it wasn't available for Android operating devices only iPhones. So I searched through my app store and found App Usage Tracker. It looks like it basically does the same thing. It tracks what all apps are getting used on the device, and depicts the same in a graphical format. The usage stats can be exported out as well.

I have download this app to my Samsung Galaxy S4 so we'll see how the week goes. So far I have spent 9 minutes and 16 seconds chatting in "Hangouts" and 1 minute 13 seconds looking at the tracker itself.

What apps do you think you use the most on your device?