One of the universally agreed upon and proven things to actively help a person fight a serious case of Covid-19 has been the monoclonal antibodies injection method.

If a person is continually going downhill with a case of covid, these antibodies are injected directly into the bloodstream to a usual outcome of positivity. I know my own anti-vax father sure bounced back after his monoclonal injection.

It really has been a godsend for a lot of people having the toughest time with this virus, but this road is about to get a lot more difficult.

Monoclonal antibody manufacturing can't keep up with the current demand of the pandemics fourth spike. In fact, OKC's Mercy Hospital ran completely out of the miracle drug this week. A spokesperson for Mercy did say they are expecting more next week as the government releases allotments, but even as more are coming, it's not clear how easy it will be to earn the injection process.

There's a real chance it will become one of two ways... First come, first served... or there could be stringent restrictions on who shall receive them going forward in order to make the limited supply last.

We are living in weird times for sure.

As usual, everyone from politicians to medical workers is encouraging the public to either get a proven vaccine or the necessary booster in order to lessen the strain on the US medical system right now. With record-soaring case numbers, now is the best time to adopt social distancing again.

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