Think about your housing history. How many times have you moved to a new place and found things that you weren't expecting? In this case, it's holes in the drywall. And if you've never lived in a holy place, congrats, you must have found one of those rare landlords that actually used the previous tenants deposit to fix the issues that person left for you. Most of us aren't that lucky.

The best part about this is simple. You don't need skills to do it. Patching drywall sounds easy as wiping mud on a surface, but there's a skill level to that art, and it's developed over years of study. The better idea is to create something out of your creative mind to plug it up, and draw that fun attention to it. It's ineffable. Nobody can knock you for it, because when the project comes out of your own mind, it exists exactly how it was supposed to, no matter how bad it looks.

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