You’ve probably never heard of Arch West, but you’ve almost certainly tasted his most famous invention: Doritos.

Last week, this purveyor of good taste passed away at the ripe old age of 97. According to his family his ashes will be mixed with his beloved creation and then buried.

It’s unclear if this was West’s request, or something his loved ones thought up as a tribute. Either way, daughter Jana Hacker is sure her father would have “loved” the burial arrangements.

West, a former marketing V.P. for Frito-Lay, came up with the iconic snack food in 1961 after eating a fried tortilla chip he got from a San Diego food truck during a family vacation. Before working for the company and serving in World War II, however, West had been a cheese salesman.

Now the product that made his career will help him be Frito-Lay-d to rest.

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