Drummer David Winter has dazzled YouTube with a beastly Iron Maiden drum cover video. It shows him playing the drums continuously for around 36 minutes as he hits every song in Iron Maiden's catalog. Now that's what we call playing with madness.

Indeed, it's Winter's "Medley of the Beast."

Think you can keep up with the percussionist as he slays the skins on the Maiden-mastering journey? Other drummers might run for the hills after they see this clip.

"This is my tribute and thank you to Iron Maiden and [their drummer] Nicko McBrain," Winter said alongside the video from April 29, as Planet Rock reported. "This is the biggest, best and most important project I have ever put together."

The drummer added that he's "worshipped Iron Maiden for as long as I can remember. Nicko has shaped my playing more than any other drummer."

Winter explained of the 36-minute drum play-through, "I've had this idea in my head for more than seven years. I've pieced this medley together three times over. Without exaggeration, I have easily put at least 1,000 hours into this project."

He admitted, however, that he "feared that someone would beat me to doing a project like this but … it seems no one in the world is quite as stupid as I am! If Nicko McBrain himself sees this video and gives it a 'Not too shabby!' then it will all have been worth it."

Winter noted the 160 Iron Maiden songs don't include alternate versions, bonus tracks, B-sides or demos.

Still, he said, "My playing changed forever the day I started jamming to Iron Maiden songs on my kit. [I'm] so proud and happy [they] have such a big influence in my playing."

Last year, Iron Maiden released their 17th studio album, Senjutsu. It contains the singles "The Writing on the Wall" and "Stratego." Their "Legacy of the Beast Tour" resumes this fall.

Watch the drum video below and visit David Winter on YouTube.

David Winter, "Medley of the Beast" (Iron Maiden Drum Cover Video)

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